I was born in the German Harz Mountains and took many trips with my family within this country. Even though I sought independence very early in my life, my home always provided me with support. My uncle, who has always been one of my role models, raised my fascination for moving images. So, i started very early with the film business and moved to Berlin.


           this must be love“



When I was 16 years old, I started working in the film industry as a camera assistant on features and commercials and discovered my love for films. The responsibility for amazing, impressing  and I am inspired by cinematographers like Coutard, Doyle and Lubeszki; directors like Wenders, Jodorowsky and Tarkowski as well as by many photographers and artists – it would go too far to list them all.

I love beeing the channel between the beautiful mind of a director and the expected from the audience. It is my responsibility  to represent stunning photos and an understandable action expiration at the same time. This requires a lot of empathy and sensitivity, because every director wants to tell a story in a different way.

I studied cinematography in Germany and commute mainly between Munich and Berlin.

Meanwhile, I try to acquire a good reputation (e.g. UNIVERSAL MUSIC, Warner, OAKLEY) and pursue my passion for creative and corporate films as a Director of Photography.